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About Us


At Rockhampton Antenna & TV Services, we’re proud of the antenna and satellite equipment we supply and install. Our products and installation services bring high quality images to televisions throughout Australia.

Being a fully mobile service we have very low overheads and these savings are passed onto our customers. All of our installations and repairs are conducted at our customers premises which means there is no need for us to have expensive retail and office space.

Locally in Rockhampton & surrounding areas we are one of the only local installers of Christian Satellite TV as well as Satellite TV from Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Philippines and many other countries.

Along with our TV antenna installation services we have a wide range of products to suit caravan travellers including our TravelSat portable satellite TV systems for VAST, Austar & Foxtel.

We are always happy to take your call. If you need help with a DIY project or any of our products and services please call us on 0456 772 886.

Why Choose US?


Outstanding Value
We are in comparison to the price of our local competitors.

Free over the phone quotes
Unlike the competition, we can give fixed priced quotes over the phone.

Unconditional Service Guarantee
We will give you a friendly, professional service at a fair price - that's our guarantee!

Not a franchise - deal direct
Why pay margins on top of margins? We keep our overheads low and pass the savings on to you.

We Value Our Customers
We appreciate your business and this will always be reflected in our actions. 

Security Cameras

Surveillance for the Home of Office - We've got you covered.

honeywell appIf you like the idea of being able to keep an eye on things when you are away from your home or office we have got some great solutions.

All of our DIY security camera kits and our full professional camera installations allow the client to view live footage from their cameras on any smartphone or computer anywhere in the world.

The security industry is extremely broad when it comes to the functionality of security cameras. We strongly recommend IP cameras for our professional installations as they deliver fantastic full high definition images. In the past analogue cameras were widely used and the images generally looked good. Now that we have moved into the digital age the clarity of IP cameras compared to analogue cameras is like chalk and cheese.

In the security industry security cameras are used for either "confirmation" or "identification".

Analogue cameras typically only offer "confirmation". The quality of the image is rarely clear enough to positively identify a person. You would likely be able to get a good description of the person (gender, age, height etc) from an analogue camera but it would be unlikely that the image would be clear enough to identify distinguishing features such as tattoo's.

Digital cameras (know as IP cameras) are designed to provide both confirmation and identification. If the correct lense is used with good quality IP cameras the picture should be clear enough to read the writing on someones shirt or the number plate on a vehicle.


Call us on 0456 772 886 if you would like to discuss your security needs.


We are a local small business with a huge range of services and expertise. We don't just do TV antennas - we can also help with all things audio visual, security systems, CCTV, data & wifi and much more.

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Phone : 0456 772 886